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Independence Police Foundation Endorses “Yes on 2” Campaign

In the upcoming November 2nd election, voters in Independence, Missouri will be presented with a ballot question that directly impacts our Independence Police Department’s ability to better protect and serve our community. A “yes” vote on Question 2 is not a tax increase, but allows spending the use tax revenue to recruit 30 additional officers above current budgeted staffing levels, retain current quality officers, and address equipment needs in a sustainable manner. As an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to build a safer city and strong community in Independence, the Independence Police Foundation is endorsing the “Yes on 2” campaign and encourages voters to approve Question 2 at the polls.

Why Vote Yes on Question 2?

Question 2 on the November 2nd ballot is an amendment to the use tax previously enacted by Prop P, which originally allocated funds for both the Independence Police Department and the City’s animal shelter. Unfortunately the original language in Prop P does not allow the Independence Police Department to use the funds for many critical expenses, including those related to recruiting and retaining officers. A “yes” vote would allow for this funding to be allocated more appropriately for hiring and retaining officers to have a department that is sufficiently staffed for our community.

It is important to note this amendment is not a tax increase, nor does it reduce funding to the animal shelter, or reduce the Police Department’s allotted percentage of the general fund. Below is the ballot language for Question 2:

Shall the local use tax currently imposed by the City of Independence, Missouri, which is dedicated to a no-kill animal shelter and funding additional police officers, be amended to allow for the funding of all police department personnel and equipment? Voting in favor of this question will not result in any tax increase or change the funding dedicated to the no-kill animal shelter.

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